The Qilin Capital team combines distinctive Asia, China and fund management expertise

Prof. Dr. Ingo Beyer von Morgenstern

"Asia and China Insider"

  • 30 years with McKinsey & Company, 10 years McKinsey China, McKinsey Asia Practice Leader

  • Honorary Professor at Tsinghua University

Dr. Stefan Albrecht

"Asia and China Insider"

  • 20 years with McKinsey & Company, 15 years at McKinsey China, McKinsey Asia Technology Practice Leader

  • Scholar of the "Scholarship of the German Nation"

Patrick Liu

China Research Leader

  • Manager of Asia Champions Research in Shanghai

  • Former Manager of McKinsey High-Tech Practice Research in Shanghai

MaryAnn Li

China Investment

Industry Professional

  • Former Associate Principal with McKinsey & Company in Beijing

  • Former Leader of McKinsey Venture Capital Practice in Asia

Sofie Wang

China Research Analyst

  • Research Analyst at Asia Champions Research in Shanghai

  • Fund manager of the Hofstra Student Managed Investment Fund in New York

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